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  • Apparel

    Ankle Socks


    Add to cart US  $3.00 /Piece
  • Tools & Hardware

    Shaft Mount Gearbox Size ...


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  • Retail Groceries

    OBA Makarna Rotini 400g, OBA Makarna Charleston 400g, OBA Makarna Elbows 400g, OBA Makarna Rigate Sedan 400g, OBA Makarna Tripolini 400g, OBA Makarna Rigate 400g, OBA Makarna Big Shells 400g, OBA Makarna Spaghetti 400g


    Add to cart US  $0.89 /Piece

  • Agriculture Machinery & Equipment

    MAC AFRIC Diesel Powered ...


    Add to cart US  $979.02
  • Agriculture Machinery & Equipment

    MAC AFRIC 52 cc Gasoline ...


    Add to cart US  $296.00

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Qsn: How many Mins/Hours/Days for order fulfilment?
Answer: Orders are fulfilled starting from within 24hrs, but it’s always important to pay attention to the details on the product listing page - on the delivery timeframe for a specific product depending with country of origin, means of freight etc.

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It's designed to help create trust between buyers and suppliers and protect buyers in the event of payment, shipping and product quality- related disputes.