It’s a B2B2C eMarketplace that serves to facilitate easy trade in Africa and the world at large.

Both Buyers & Sellers

Check on the Top page and click to sign up as a buyer or Register as Supplier

Any user with an intention to browse, inquire and start an order

A supplier is a legally registered business with the intention to sell through Kulies marketplace

They need to enquire with Suppliers before buying and also to check supply capacity

You can either Buy Now if you are paying instantly Or Start Order if you wish to negotiate & pay on delivery

You need to go and cancel the order from My Account or alert the suppliers via kulies messaging platform

You can either contact the suppliers via Contact Supplier or Message Now page on Kulies

Your order confirmation is sent to your Kulies registered email & My Account on Kulies

Orders are fulfilled starting from within 24hrs, but it’s always important to pay attention to the details on the product listing page - on the delivery timeframe for a specific product depending with country of origin, means of freight etc.

After every new order, the tracking details are sent to your email & My Account massager on kulies
i. How do I post a return request?
ii. What are your payment options?
iii. How and when will I get my refund upon request?
iv. Is it possible to change the delivery address after ordering?
v. How is the Buyer protected from fraud
vi. What does a consumer do if an order is delayed?
vii. What does a consumer do if the order has been manipulated or tampered with?
viii. Does kulies.com accept C.O.D (Cash on Delivery)
ix. Who is the payment being made to?
x. How does a consumer check if a supplier is a registered company or if the Suppliers products are assured by the Standards Association?
xi. How do I post a query directed to a Supplier?
xii. What if the product delivered is wrong?
xiii. How do I Add a product to my favourites?
xiv. What is buyer protection?
xv. How do I initiate a dispute for my buyer protection order?